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Nina Elle, Jelena Jensen - Your Dirty Daughter: Part One (2019/FullHD) 
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Nina Elle, Jelena Jensen - Your Dirty Daughter: Part One (2019/FullHD)

House wife Nina Elle arrives home from shopping, and calls out for her husband. She walks into the living room and to her surprise, notices on the coffee table, a bundle of lesbian porno films. Embarrassed at her husbands immoral self indulgence, she denies the fact that their perfect marriage is now tainted by the lesbian porn. Nina's depravity increases when she notices her neighbor Jelena Jensen's step daughter involved in the heresy. Nina calls Jelena and urges her to come over right away!
Nina waits for Jelena anxiously, and when she arrives, Nina doesn't have the words to explain to her what she saw, she has to show her to get the point across. Nina brings Jelena her into the living room, where Jelena's eyes wide open in awe, realizing that her daughter is half naked, with her pussy eaten on screen. Jelena thinks about it and admits that she isn't that upset with April's decisions, in fact, Jelena was a naughty girl herself and turned out just fine. Nina, cannot understand how Jelena can be so nonchalant with the whole situation, considering these movies are a grave sin. Jelena knows that Nina has had thoughts about women before and persuades her to loosen up, admitting that lesbian sexuality turns her on...just a little...
Jelena leans in for a sensual kiss, arousing Nina's inner lesbian self, and as Nina removes Jelena's bra suckling on her plump boobs. Nina admits its been too long that she's waited to taste another woman's pussy lips and boobs, and that watching her neighbor's stepdaughter being fucked on TV whets her lesbian appetite. Jelena teases Nina's pussy lips through her thong, stimulating her clitoris for the first of many exhilarating orgasms! To be continued...

Name Videos: Your Dirty Daughter: Part One
Starring: Nina Elle, Jelena Jensen
Genre: Girl on Girl, Masturbation, Natural Tits, MILF,Mature, Tattoos, Pussy Licking, Tribbing
Year: 2019
Site: MommysGirl

Quality: FullHD
Duration: 00:32:54
Format: MP4
Size: 866 MB

Nina Elle, Jelena Jensen - Your Dirty Daughter: Part One (2019/FullHD)

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